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Valio ingredients for the food and nutrition industry

We are committed to bringing sustainable, clean and healthy nutrition to the world. Our solutions, expertise and natural ingredients can be used in various applications from baby food and special nutrition to confectionery, bakery or dairy. Our products are made of fresh Finnish milk from our own family farms and we use fresh liquid whey from our own cheese plants. The use of genetically modified (GMO) feed is not permitted in Valio. We have zero tolerance for antibiotics residue in our milk and no soy is used as protein feed for cows.

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Explore our range of B2B infant nutrition solutions — made from pure Finnish milk on our farms and fresh whey in our ultra-modern facilities.

Valio cheeses

Valio cheeses are made of the best natural ingredients and dedication to flavour and quality.

Why choose Valio?

Read more about our Nobel-prize winning innovations, certificates and standards. When you buy Valio ingredients, you can be sure to get high quality dairy ingredients that are pure, safe, free of antibiotics residue, and the use of genetically modified GMO.

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