Chocolate and confectionery

Indulgence with reduced sugar, added protein and digestive comfort – pure ingredients for manufacturing better-for-you confectionery products and chocolate.

Health-conscious consumers demand a combination of indulgence and healthiness from confectionery and chocolate products. Valio’s patented technology and Finnish dairy ingredients allow food manufacturers to produce reduced sugar and added protein products with superior taste and texture. No artificial sweeteners are needed. We also offer the ingredients and recipes for manufacturing lactose free products for digestive comfort.

Valio’s experienced staff can help you with dosage, recipes, and processes to meet regulations and to help improve the profitability of your products. Valio’s solution enables the manufacture of clean label chocolate with the health claim of ‘30% less sugar’.

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Sugar reduction in chocolate

Make ‘30% less sugar’ chocolate without artificial sweeteners.

Less sugar, clean label, and natural – that is what consumers are looking for in their chocolate. With milk-based protein, confectionery manufacturers can reduce sugar levels without compromising important product qualities such as taste and texture. No artificial sweeteners, preservatives, or colours are needed.

Implementation of sugar taxes and the ongoing health and wellness trends have created a hot market for new and innovative reduced sugar products. Consumers are looking to avoid sugar also in the indulgence category.

The trend of sugar avoidance sets a challenge for confectionery manufacturers, as sugar is the main component in creating the sweet taste of chocolate. Sugar also enhances the texture and prolongs the shelf life of chocolate and confectionery products.

Valio’s solution enables the manufacture of clean label chocolate with the health claim of ‘30% less sugar’. A peer reviewed article reports that ‘30% less sugar’ chocolate made with Valio's solution was rated equal in taste and texture to regular chocolate.

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On demand webinar on sugar reduction

Hear the latest insights on the use of milk-based protein in sugar reduction and make delicious ‘30% less sugar’ chocolate with no artificial sweeteners.

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Indulgence products and the high-protein trend

Protein products are going mainstream

We are currently witnessing a protein boom, and not just in a fitness-oriented target group but among all consumers. As a result, the market for products with a ‘protein source’ claim is growing rapidly. The protein boom is especially strong in younger generations, which builds a solid foundation for long-term growth in protein enriched products.

Protein is a component that consumers want to add more of into their diet, also in the indulgence category. High-protein indulgence products, such as chocolate and confectionery, help consumers balance between deliciousness and healthy connotations. Meet the trend of protein enriched and nutritious food products by adding the benefits of high-quality milk protein to your portfolio.

The charm of chocolate is in its smooth texture and rich taste. Creating high-protein products with excellent texture and taste can be a challenge, as adding protein may lead to an undesirable taste of protein and graininess. Valio’s solution allows you to increase the protein level in chocolate and other confectionery products without causing a sandy mouthfeel or viscosity challenges in the production process.

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Lactose free chocolate and confectionery

Meet the demand for digestive wellness with lactose free or low lactose chocolate.

Consumers are seeking digestive comfort and making food choices accordingly. The trend of gut-friendly food products also applies to confectionery and chocolates.

Confectionery and chocolate manufacturers can meet the trend of digestive comfort and generate a whole new market potential by producing lactose free or low lactose products. With Valio’s cutting-edge dairy ingredients, you can manufacture delicious free from lactose chocolate with a rich and milky, slightly toffee-like taste.

Traditional milk chocolate can be converted into lactose free chocolate and meet the trend of digestive wellness. Modifying existing recipes to lactose free is easy by replacing regular milk powders with Valio Eila® lactose free milk powder.

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