Natural sugar reduction in confectionery

With the right pure ingredients, confectionery manufacturers can reduce sugar levels in a natural way without compromising important product qualities, like texture and taste.

Valio’s patented technology allows for natural sugar reduction in chocolate – no artificial sweeteners needed

Avoiding sugar is a clear trend also in indulgence sector. This sets a challenge in confectionery as sugar is the main component for sweet taste and also enhances the texture and prolongs the shelf life.

Valio’s solution enables the manufacture of clean label chocolate – no artificial sweeteners needed.

Our solution helps reduce product’s sugar content naturally and without compromising in taste or texture and optimal shelf life. And it’s possible to get a health claim of ‘30% less sugar’.

With our solutions you can:

  • Replace sugar with protein by using Valio Eila® lactose free milk powder. Milk protein is an all-natural nutrient of high quality.
    • With a bulking agent
    • or as a natural replacement
  • Reduce carbohydrates with Valio Eila® PRO lactose free milk powder which contains less carbohydrates than standard skim milk powder (SMP)

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