Manufacturing of high protein dairy products

High-protein dairy goods are challenging to manufacture because of the undesirable taste of protein and graininess. Valio has developed solutions for dairy food processors to produce high-protein dairy products with excellent texture and taste.

Valio’s experienced staff can help you with high-protein dairy foods processing

We help you design the recipes and the processes to efficiently and accurately produce optimal composition for high-protein dairy goods. We have solved the problem of high protein dairy.

Benefits of using Valio Eila® lactose free milk powder in high protein dairy:

  1. A rich and milky taste
  2. High protein content with excellent taste, texture and stability
  3. Nutritionally high-quality milk proteins and minerals
  4. Low carbohydrate content  - Valio Eila PRO
  5. All this in a way that’s easy to incorporate into your production process

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