Lactose free technology for dairy processors

Global demand for lactose free and gut-friendly products has increased significantly during the last few years. In addition, the digestive wellness trend predicts rapid growth for the lactose free market.

Market-proven technologies and marketing help dairy processors manufacture excellent tasting lactose free milk

Valio has over 300 patented solutions for dairy food processors and years of experience in lactose free products, processes and marketing. Our experienced staff help you design the recipes and the processes to create lactose free products. With our help and expertise, you can:

  • Manufacture different kinds of milk products: pasteurised, extended shelf life (ESL) and ultra-high temperature processed (UHT)
  • Offer products with fat content starting from 0%
  • Produce white and flavoured milks
  • Enter the growing lactose free market without heavy upfront capital investments

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Business opportunities for dairy foods processors

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