Holistic Health and Wellbeing

Healthy lifestyle is not just about free-from-diets or avoiding fats and carbs. It’s about eating naturally good, functional food that has positive effects on you and your health.

Supporting health and wellbeing by eating right is seen as a result of many choices: it’s about gut health, eating more vegetables and plant-based food, natural proteins and functional superfoods such as fermented food, kombucha and probiotics but also blueberries, almonds and natural yoghurt. Learn how to leverage these issues for success in your food production business.

Less sugar

More and more consumers today have a preference for foods with less sugar, and more ingredients like high-quality protein with its associated health benefits. Find out how sugar reduction can be used in Valio’s applications, for example in bakery and confectionary businesses.

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Sport nutrition

Consumer base for sport nutrition is expanding from athletes to all consumers with active lifestyles. There is a significant opportunity to develop sport nutrition products to the wide consumer base of every day sport people.

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Lactose free solutions for industrial food and beverage manufacturers
Protein hits these three sweet spots of current global food trends
High-protein snacks support a healthy lifestyle

Health and wellness are in many ways the most obvious trends of the modern world. A fit and active lifestyle is fast becoming a new symbol of status, as more and more people seek a healthier and happier life. That consists of many different factors: gut health, free-from-diets, green eating, healthy ageing, natural and pure ingredients. We put together some interesting reading for food manufacturers looking for ways to turn aspects of healthy lifestyle into a growing business.

Healthy ageing

Nutritional needs change with age. Extra attention should be paid to adequate intake of protein, as it helps maintain muscle mass and bone health. The diet of elderly persons must be varied to support well-being and functionality — in other words, to enhance their quality of life.

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Lactose free

Whether lactose intolerant or just looking for digestive wellness, people all over the world want to eat natural and delicious foods. We have solutions to help you in production of lactose free.

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